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Storm and Fire Damage Roof Repair Contractors in Dayton, Ohio

When your home’s roof is damaged it’s important to act quickly. A damaged roof can allow water into your home’s exterior, creating more damage. If your home’s roof is damaged during a strong storm, temporary measures can be put in place to stop the damage from becoming worse. This type of temporary roof repair allows homeowners peace of mind while roofing professionals assess the damage.

Most roof damage is caused by strong storms that include high winds and even hail. Wind speeds that exceed 50 miles per hour are especially damaging, as they can expose vulnerable material that comprises your home’s roof. In addition to the sheer force of high winds, the flying debris the often accompanies strong storms can also damage a roof.

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In rare cases, your home’s damaged roof may require it to be replaced. If it is determined that your home’s roof has sustained so much damage that it must be replaced, we will work with your insurance provider to quickly resolve the issue.

If your area has experienced strong storms and you believe your home’s roof has been damaged, don’t panic. It’s important to quickly contact a trusted emergency roofing repair contractor to assess any potential damage. Attempting to resolve the damage on your own is not recommended and could lead to severe injury.

Roofing damage that occurs during the winter can be the most worrisome because it allows heat to escape your home and water inside. If your roof has experienced damage during our long winters, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor quickly.

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